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We Want Your E-mail Address!!!

We want to be able to get in touch with you better, quicker, and more efficently than we can now.
If we had an e-mail address for all our clients we could do this instantly.

Remember when the Pet Food Recall happened in the spring? We could have gotten the word out faster to you if we had your e-mail adddress.

Remember when there was a Rabies case in Hugenot Park that involved a human bite from a feral cat?
This happens in the county at various places from time to time - we can alert you!

With Isabel and Gaston and terrorists and public health hazards happening as an almost every day occurrence; it would be wise that your pet's doctor could alert you to the crisis that would pertain to your piece of the world.

If you would give us your e-mail address we would be able to keep you informed on these events through the Iron Bridge Animal Hopsital email system.

Just go to our Contact Us Page and Client Feedback.

Your e-mail address is secure and will not be sold to a third party.  You will not get spammed from out list!