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Volume 3 Issue 5

Meowch! Helping Your Cat Cope with Chronic Pain
Cats are so good at masking pain that their suffering is often undetected or underestimated. Thanks to recent feline-specific research, it is now known that, like dogs, cats suffer from pain that can last a lifetime. But cats are not small dogs, and treating their pain is very different. [Read More]

Accreditation Matters: Being Prepared — Is Your Veterinarian Ready for Disaster?
Floods, fires, earthquakes, tornados, and hurricanes. When disaster strikes, the best thing you can do to protect your pets is take them with you. But what will happen if your “best friend” is at a veterinary hospital during a crisis? Read how one AAHA-accredited clinic responded in the face of Hurricane Katrina and find out what you should know about your veterinarian’s plan. [Read More]

Diving In: Dogs and Hydrotherapy
Hydrotherapy, one of the most widely used types of canine physical rehabilitation techniques, helps dogs regain muscle tone without putting weight on painful joints. Aside from the many physical benefits, Marty Pease, a canine rehabilitation practitioner, says, “It’s just plain fun,” and believes that dogs benefit psychologically when they are able to exercise without pain. [Read More]

This “Little Thief” Will Steal Your Heart
The American Veterinary Medical Association reports that some 500,000 American households include pet ferrets. These impish creatures, nicknamed fuzzies, are undeniably appealing when asleep in your lap, riding shotgun in your handbag, or scampering through the house enticing you to play tag, but their mischievous, playful personalities might be more than you bargained for. Read up on these fun-loving pets to find out if they are right for you. [Read More]

Not for Human Consumption: Pet Owners Taking Pet Meds
In 2007, there were 825 reports of people taking veterinary nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Half of the victims were children. Dr. Alvin C. Bronstein of the Rocky Mountain Poison Center offers prevention advice. [Read More]

Pet Cancer Primer
Nearly 50% of pets over the age of 10 will die of cancer. Dr. David Ruslander, president of the Veterinary Cancer Society, talked to PetsMatter about the incidence of cancer in pets and when you should have those lumps and bumps checked out. [Read More]

Separation Anxiety: When Your Dog Misses You Too Much
If your dog destroys furniture or has “accidents” when left alone, it isn’t his way of getting even with you. Dogs don’t act out of spite, and these behaviors may be signs that your pet is suffering from separation anxiety, a panic disorder that affects up to 30% of dogs. Learn more about the signs and what you and your veterinarian can do to help your pet cope. [Read More]

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