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Dr William Dunnavant<br />
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Pet Health Care by Iron Bridge Animal Hospital, Richmond, Virginia
Dr William Dunnavant

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Iron Bridge Animal Hospital
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Richmond, VA 23237
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Chesterfield County Dog License

Through an agreement with the Chesterfield County Treasurer's Office we serve as one of the substations for the sale of the county's dog license.
Dogs are required by county ordinance to be licensed by four months of age. Cats are not required to be licensed at this time.
Dog licenses are due by January 1 of each year.  You have until January 31 of that year to obtain them.

Your dog needs to have a current rabies vaccination in order to obtain a dog license.

Intact dogs - ones that have not been spayed or neutered - license fee is $7.00 annually.
Spayed or neutered dogs license fee is $5.00 annually.

Due to  recent state wide legislation, veterinarians are required to report all rabies vaccinations to the local treasurer's office the following month it was given. You will be receiving a bill for the dog license if you do not obtain one before that time.

For more information on dog licensing please go to the Chesterfield Animal Control web site.